Our Mission

At Eco Kind, we aim to provide plastic-free, waste-conscious alternatives that are:
Simple: Easy to use and save you time
High-quality: Made to last and save you money long-term
Low-waste: Minimal eco packaging and reusable/compostable/recyclable end product
Waste-Conscious Practices

We aim to be eco-minded in all that we do, reducing our waste, reusing what we can and recycling what is left.
We do this in the following ways:
Home compostable mailers: All orders are shipped in Hero Packaging home compostable mailers so receivers have no leftover plastic to dispose of.
Recycled gift boxes: Gift boxes are housed in Craftpak boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard. Boxes can then be recycled or used again.
Carbon-neutral delivery: Our preferred method of shipping is via Sendle, Australia's first carbon-neutral delivery service. Australia Post is working towards reducing their environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions and recycling and reusing materials.
RedCycle plastics: While every product in store feature plastic-free packaging, some of our suppliers do occassionally provide stock housed in plastic. Therefore, we recycle any soft plastics via the RedCycle Program, with drop off points found at local supermarkets.
Recycling waste: All cardboard boxes from suppliers are recycled via our local recycling program and printer cartridges and stationary waste are recycled via Officeworks.
Our Founder

Hi, I'm Siân and welcome to Eco Kind, my passion project turned eco-business.

Though only established in 2019, my passion for waste-conscious living started many years earlier during my time living in Luang Prabang, Laos. A country that will always hold my heart, it is here that I experienced the stark reality of what plastic waste can do to a previously untouched landscape. I also began to appreciate the fact that environmental education had been a part of my life from a very young age and began using my role as a primary teacher to educate the next generation on the consequences of littering and the best ways to reduce and manage waste. 

Upon returning to Australia, my passion for waste-conscious living and reducing plastic around the home was stronger than ever and Eco Kind was born. The aim is to promote plastic-free home and lifestyle alternatives including sustainable and reusable products along with items housed in compostable packaging.  Explore our range of kits and gift boxes and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns or product suggestions.

Kindly, Siân xx